Inaugurating the Fire Station at the Bahria Town by Ali Riaz Malik

The fire station inauguration in Bahria town was honored by the presence of CEO Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, and several members from the management and marketing team also attended this event. There were also some note members of the society and the media who graced this event with their presence.

Ali Riaz Malik addressed the present media, by stating that the fire station will fulfill the promise of providing the safest lifestyle to the residents of Bahria Town. The fire department has provided rescue support to significant motor accident victims since last year, and after formally established fire station in Bahria town, it promises to extend its maximum support to people of Karachi city in situations of adversity.

Meanwhile, Ali Riaz Malik also discussed the future plans of developing the Karachi Hospital, Theme Park, Golf Course, and Day and Night Zoo in Bahria town in the month of March and April.

The Bahria town fire station is equipped with an inbuilt latest wireless communication system that has enhanced the overall efficiency of the fire department, and it has advanced fire tenders, bowsers, and it bets in class firefighters. 821 is the official emergency number to dial for contacting the fire station department.

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