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512 Victims of Sasta Bazar Fire by Ali Riaz Malik

ISLAMABAD: Ali Riaz Malik as per their commitment at Bahria Town, given cheques to 512 victims of a fire incident in a small but significant ceremony which is held on Friday at Islamabad.

In this ceremony, some important guests are included like management and marketing team members of Bahria Town Islamabad, prominent personalities, media representatives and few civil society members as well.

A fire erupted at Islamabad Sasta Bazar’s garments section on 27th August 2017 that destroyed small stalls, that causes massive loss to lots of small businessmen of Islamabad.

This news disheartened Mr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik the Chief Executive of Bahria Town who immediately declared a help sum for the affected of the incident.

Because of the deferral in the arrangement of the rundown of affected concerning the Government, Bahria Town needed to confront an inescapable postponement in the circulation of relief cheques among the victims.

The Brig (retd) Tahir Butt of Bahria Town circulated the relief cheques sum among the victims. He read out the statement of Mr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik the Chief Executive of Bahria Town that ‘Our heart beats with our kin and people.

Our town stands up to face any challenge that raises in front of our nation and will never be found to require welfare work. We thankfulness this to our country’.

The victims who received the cheques thanked for the relief to Bahria Town. Bahria Town is one of the safest and the most looked for lavish lifestyle inhabitants in the twin cities.

Bahria Town’s Golf Courses, Luxurious Gym, Cineplexes, Parks and Zoo attract crowds of visitors from the couple cities. Additionally, these Dastarkhwan, amenities, and some other welfare ventures in the field of education and health sectors make Bahria Town the most desirable and famous brand in the field of real estate.

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